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ShortCut Keys
Ctrl+Shift+S - Save My Answers
Ctrl+Shift+G - Publish My Answers

Ctrl+Shift+M - Show Mark / Score Card
Ctrl+Shift+C - Clear Cell
Ctrl+Shift+X - Discard Last answer
Ctrl+Shift+D - Display All Questions

Ctrl+Shift+T - goto crossword Table for editing the last Cell
Ctrl+Shift+W - Goto Center Cell in the crossword table
Home - Goto First Cell in the crossword table
End - Goto Last Cell in the crossword table

Move cursor one cell Up/Down/Left/Right
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow
Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow

Ctrl+Shift+K - Quick HotKey Details

Use Cases:
1. After you type an answer in a cell, press Ctrl+Shift+M to know the Mark. It will take a few second to know the Score Card and the wrong cells (in Pink Colour).

2. On Displaying the Score Card, Press Ctrl+Shift+T. Now the last active cell is ready to accept the new answer. (You may continue checking the mark and editing the cell faster)

3. You May use Ctrl+Shift+Right-Arrow to move one cell right and type the answer. Press Ctrl+Shift+M to know the Mark. Press Ctrl+Shift+T for going back to the table. Press Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow to answer next answer and so on
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